Azure-c200 Gel Documentation System


Capture DNA or protein gel images easily without a darkroom.

  • Capture all your gel and blot images on a single instrument. DNA, protein, colorimetric or photometric gels with your choice of stains or dyes.
  • 5.4 Megapixel Image Resolution
  • Integrated 10.1 inch Touch screen WIN 8 Tablet Computer controls the system
  • WiFi and Bluetooth compatible.
  • Onboard Capture software and AzureSpot Analysis Software
  • Field Upgradable to  fluorescent or chemiluminescent Western detection


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One system fits all Future Field up-gradable to all applications till IR imaging from the comfort of your lab.

Imaging system supports

  • Blue Exited DNA Dyes
  • Visible Imaging
  • UV Fluorescence.

System can be Field upgradable to:

  • Blue excited DNA dyes
  • Visible imaging
  • UV fluorescence
  • Chemiluminiscence
  • Visible fluorescence
  • IR fluorescence too

Smart Imaging Technology

  • No Focusing: Regardless of the size of your gel, all images are in focus without adjusting the focus.
  • No Positioning: Perfect images no matter where you place the sample in the imager.
  • Automatic Imaging: Use your choice of dyes or stains and the system automatically selects the light source and filters for you. UV for Ethidium bromide-stained DNA gels, blue light for SYBR® Safe or similar dyes, white light for Silver stain or Coumassie Blue.

Touch Screen tablet computer

  • WIN 8 tablet computer controls the system with the touch of a finger and enables compatibility with existing networks, as well as easy setup
  • Bluetooth and wireless compatible, or USB to LAN compatible
  • 10.1” touch screen
  • 2GB of storage for short term data saving

 Powerful camera and optics

  • High Resolution Camera: Capture the finest details of your sample with 5.4 MP high resolution imaging and 16 bit.
  • Dual-Focus Technology: Image samples in perfect focus, and with optimal lens settings, without having to touch the camera.
  • Lens : F 1.8 Computer controlled, hands-free lens optics

Versatile Darkroom

  • Light Tight Darkroom: Darkroom with automated software controls.
  • Multiple Filter Positions: c200 has 7 position motorized filter wheel.
  • EPI White Lights: Provide overhead illumination for white light imaging.
  • EPI Blue LED at 470 nm for Blue-Excited DNA Dyes: Excitation for dyes like SYBR® Safe, enabling the user to use dyes that are less harmful to the DNA sample, and to the environment.
  • Visible Dye Imaging: Transilluminated white light imaging source for colorimetric stains such as Coomassie blue or similar.
  • Dual-Wavelength UV: UV illumination with peaks at 302 and 365 nm. Compatible with a wide range of dyes including ethidium bromide, SYBR® green, SYBR gold, SYPRO® orange, fluorescein, RadiantRed®, Texas Red®, SYPRO Red.
  • Safety Lock: Safety interlock to prevent accidental UV exposure. automatically shuts off UV light when door is open
  • Band Excision: Mode Easily excise your DNA bands from an agarose gel with our Band Excision mode. Designed to allow the user to cut bands out of their gel with the system door open, it also turns off the UV light after 5 minutes, ensuring the light is not accidentally left on.
  • 3 USB Ports: Connect to a drive or network, or attach a thermal printer.

cSeries Capture software

  • Unique GUI for each applications, that requires no focusing or other system adjustments
  • Gallery mode enables basic editing and saving, and file opening
  • Custom mode for full flexibility and customized imaging protocols.
  • View images in multichannel or single channel mode
  • User manual as PDF in software
  • Image output 16 bit Tiff, Jpeg


AzureSpot Analysis Software

 Advanced Analysis for 1D Gels and Blots

  •  AzureSpot helps you interpret your data easily and accurately. Analyze your gels and blots in either manual or automatic modes.
  • AzureSpot can automatically detect lanes and bands, even on distorted gels, and apply your selected method of background correction.
  • Visualize intensity plots by lane (sample) and channel (probe) to get detailed information about your proteins of interest.
  • The integrated tutorial helps you get the most information out of your analyses. Generate a PDF report of your experiment when you are done. You can also export your data in many formats to other applications (e.g. Excel) for further analysis.

 AzureSpot can

  • Perform 2D densitometry
  • Automatically detect lanes and bands
  • Correct for background
  • Calculate molecular weights
  • Quantify fluorescent signals
  • Annotate your results
  • Visualize multiplex analyses
  • Export reports

 Product Features

  • Integrated tutorial
  • PDF report generator
  • Lane creation tools
  • Molecular size/pI calibration
  • Quantity calibration toolbox
  • Module for easy shape selection/deselection
  • Wide range of data fields to display in measurements
  • Annotation tools for comments and highlighting of image

Flexibility “Safe” Dye Detection – Blue Light gel imaging

  • An alternative to ethidium bromide, less-harmful ‘Safe’ dyes can be imaged with the EPI Blue LEDs standard in the system.

Protein Analysis – White Light imaging

  • Protein gels stained with Coomassie blue or silver stain can easily be imaged using the visible light application.

DNA Detection with Ethidium Bromide – UV gel imaging

  • With the a dual-wavelength 302 nm and 365 nm UV transilluminator, images of ethidium bromide-stained DNA gels can be captured in a fraction of a second.
Instrument Type Azure c200
Image Resolution 5.4 MP
Image Bit Depth 16 bit
Trans White Light Yes
UV 302 nm & 365 nm Yes
EPI Blue Yes
EPI White Yes
Standard Filter Compatible with: Ethidium Bromide, SYBR® Safe, Coomassie Blue, Stain-Free™ and others
Filter Wheel 7 position motorized filter wheel
Computer Tablet computer; Option to control system through external PC
External USB Ports 3
Direct Connectivity to Thermal Printer Yes
Upgradeability Yes
Analysis Software Yes
Field of View 20 X 15 cm