InGenius3 Gel Documentation System

InGenius3 Gel doc


  • The InGenius3 gel documentation and analysis system is compact, easy to use and offers an affordable route to gel capture and analysis.
  • The InGenius3 uses a high performance 3m pixel camera.
  • The darkroom assembly is easily connected to a PC.
  • GeneSys image acquisition software quickly and easily enables images to be captured, archived and edited if required.


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  • InGenius3 is the perfect choice for low budget gel documentation and analysis fluorescence applications. It features a compact darkroom which has a sliding front door and an internal LED white light.
  • InGenius3 has a 3m pixel camera and can produce images with 16 bit image depth. A manual zoom lens and manual filter drawer (includes a UV filter) completes the package.
  • There are two options of transilluminator – both models can slide out of the darkroom to aid cutting and viewing. One option is the slimline 302nm transilluminator for UV applications. This can be used with an optional converter for white light applications. InGenius3 can also be used with the Ultra-Slim LEDblue light transilluminator.
  • The system is controlled by the new GeneSys Software. An external PC is required optimised for Windows 7 Pro and with a screen resolution set to a minimum of 768 vertical.
  • The system comes complete with Gene Tool  analysis software.
  • Check the status of an image capture and access your recently captured images from any computer, smartphone or tablet on the same network as InGenius3 system using the new “Status Link” feature. This is ideal for any busy laboratory.



Compact darkroom with sliding door – 40.0(w) x 30.0(h) x 37.5(d) cms

Small footprint taking up minimal laboratory bench space

3 million pixel camera

Good quality images

12/16 bit images (0 – 65,535 grey levels dynamic range)

Precise quantitation

Filter drawer

Capable of viewing a wide range of different fluorophores

UV to visible light converter screen (option)

Easy imaging of protein gels, autoradiographs and colony plates

GeneTools analysis software

Saves time by automating analysis of gels, colony plates & blots

Connect to any PC

Use a computer of your choice

Transilluminators (option)

Choice of UV or blue light

Why buy this product

  • Low budget
    InGenius3 is the perfect choice when budget and size are the most important considerations.
  • High resolution
    InGenius3 uses a high resolution 3m pixel camera with a 16 bit image output.
  • Software
    The InGenius3 system is provided with GeneSys image capture and manipulation software providing access to a wide range of application and hardware control functions.
  • Manual system
    Allows the user to select filters using a filter drawer, control lighting and the camera lens.

The InGenius3 system is the ideal economical choice. Its compact and versatile design minimises the loss of vital laboratory space and allows a wide range of fluorescence imaging to be performed.


  • Image acquisition with a single button
  • Auto exposure/manual exposure/series capture
  • Extended dynamic range up to 65,536 grey levels
  • Neutral fielding for correction of uneven background illumination
  • Toolbox – annotation/ sharpening/inverting
  • Saturation control – see which areas of the image are over-exposed



  • Band analysis/densitometry
    ID analysis at the ‘click’ of a button. Ideal for 1D analysis, the software has automatic lane and peak detection. GeneTools software automatically compensates for smiling or distorted bands and tracks. Molecular weight or base pair values can be calculated using standards from one or more tracks. Quantification can also be automatically calculated from standards in a number of ways. Detailed results can be instantly printed or transferred to Word or Excel.
  • Band matching
    Band matching can be performed by position, defined Rf or calibrated molecular weight/base pair value.
  • Automatic molecular weight/base pair calculations for sample bands based on standards from one or more lanes
    GeneTools has a library of markers for automatic or manual assignment which are user configurable.
  • Multi-tier analysis for high throughput screening
    Especially useful for analysing high throughput gels such as E-Gel (Invitrogen, UK). GeneTools software provides multi-well line functions with automatic track alignment.
  • Manual band quantification
    The user can manually quantify bands, spots or other objects on a sample. All data is instantly exportable to Microsoft Excel.
  • Spot blot analysis
    Automatic detection of spots using a spot grid, quantitative and incidence analysis. The software can also perform multiple background subtraction methods.
  • Colony counting
    Automatic counting of two colour colonies with the ability to count light and dark colonies on the same plate.
  • Export results to Microsoft Excel and Word
    Customised results tables can be exported to either Microsoft Word or Excel.
  • Report generation
    Saves reports with customised protocols  designed by the user. All reports are compliant with CRF 21 Part 11.

DNA : With InGenius3 you can use the UV transilluminator to capture images of DNA gels stained with Ethidium Bromide, SYBR® dyes and many other fluorophores

AutoRads:  InGenius3 features a mega resolution camera which is ideal for capturing images requiring high detail. This is especially true when looking for ‘separation’ between bands and spots. Capturing high quality images of Autorads is one of the strengths of InGenius3

Visible light:  With the transmitted visible light converter, InGenius3 can be used to view gels which have been stained with silver stain and Coomassie blue. You can also view tissues, slides and films

Blue light:  The blue light LED transilluminator allows you to view some fluorescent stains with better clarity and with less damage to DNA

Spot blots:  Capturing and analysing spot blots is another very simple application for InGenius3 and GeneTools software

Compact, manual gel documentation systems




1/3 inch


3 million pixels

Image depth

12/16 bit



Dynamic range

3.6 – 4.8


Manual zoom 6.5 – 39, F1.4      

Maximum viewing area

20 x 20cm



Slim UV transilluminator 20 x 20cm – 
various single wavelengths are available


UltraSlim-LED blue light transilluminator 10 x 12cm     


White Epi overhead




UV/visible light NovaGlo converter




GeneSys image capture


GeneTools image analysis




Conversion screen



UV to visible



Dimensions (h x d x w) cm

62 x 37.5 x 40

Basic gel doc systems

Applications InGenius G:BOX NuGenius
Fluorescence UV transilluminator Option Option Option
Fluorescence UV Epi   Option  
Blue light Option Option Option
Visible stain converter Option Option Option
Colony plate Option Option Option
Spot blot Option Option  
TLC   Option